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From Past Is Prologue, released February 22, 2016
Production by Justin Spaulding
Featuring Vocals by Benjamin Yanez


Is this where you feel safe?
Inside a broken world; too scared to live, yet afraid to die.
You lie awake with empty eyes...
Just count the days until you can die.

Can we start this over again?
With calloused hearts and bleeding hands we'll pave the way-- We'll make our own paths.
Though nights grow long, we will hold on.

I always find (When I look inside)
Another way (Too many times)
To doubt myself (I'd rather die)
And all I've found
All I need is just one day where I can breathe, where I'm set freeā€¦
From my mind.

It caves away...
Your life unmade...
Can't face the day...
Will you hold on?

This fight for life-- In endless strife.

Can we start...
With calloused hearts we'll pave the way.
Though nights grow long
We will hold on.