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From Past Is Prologue, released February 22, 2016
Production by Justin Spaulding


My eyes open once again to grey.
All the colors seem gone these days.
Maybe this time it's here to stay…
And I'm still here STUCK IN MY WAYS.

I can't tell what's right or wrong.
In the state I’m in, I've become the one
I'm hating
A self-made prophecy come to life.

Stay away from me, these fading memories keep me company.
I’m better off alone.
What’s inside my head fuels the words I pen, on pages left unread.

And in the end… I'm sure you meant well.
But good intentions…Can't help me on my walk through Hell
A collection of demons I’ve brought on myself.
I was always best at tearing myself down.

I've been through so many days and nights, trying to find a way to win the fight.
Everything I've said gets lost in a haze…
Do my words mean nothing unless scribbled onto page?

Somewhere along the line, I decided that I don't want to be alive.
I think I'd rather just throw my whole life aside, than live another day with your ignorant design.
Maybe I've lost my mind, trying to cope with all the things that I can't define.
This time I'll run and hide so that you'll never find me.

Though each cloud in the sky grows darker, I'll take shelter in the shade.
For the sun may not shine brighter, I'll have solace in the rain.
This life has pushed me and tested my will… But it's yet to break me—
I travel still.