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From Past Is Prologue, released February 22, 2016
Production by Justin Spaulding
Featuring Vocals by Garret Rapp


Don't know the way to say I'm sorry… When we hardly speak at all.
It’s hard to find the words to say and nothing seems to ever change

Do you feel betrayed, do you feel bitter?
I guess I'm the one to blame for every time I walked away.
Can you hear me?

Your eyes show signs of struggle.
You're sinking down below.
Your world so dark and troubled… Can't find the foothold .

Hard to keep up pace with uneven steps -- Harder to breathe as it grips your chest.
Your thoughts never want to rest.
You're the only one who wants you dead.

And from a distance I can tell that you're living in a personal Hell.

As the flames grow higher and higher, out of control, as it burns away will you tell it to me straight?
Please tell it to me straight… What will this be?

I watched you start to decay…
You say you try to change…