1. Haunted

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From Past Is Prologue, released February 22, 2016
Production by Justin Spaulding


How could you let him hurt your little girl?
A broken body in a broken home…
Bruises along her arms, she was defenseless .

Can you see her now?
Beaten into the ground?

She's suffered long enough.
Can't find a way to trust.
Her scars reflect her soul, a story never told…

It's a tragic life, when the monsters under your bed are safer than the ones in your head.

Blood soaked sheets, a poisoned memory…
You tore the light from her eyes…AND SHATTERED HER MIND

Her smile fades away, too scared to ask “Why”?
You couldn't take the time.
No way to rewind.

And so it goes… The cycle never changing
The seeds are planted-- no second chances

Maybe one day she can find the strength to let it go.
Take it all away…
Become the one she was meant to be