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From Past Is Prologue, released February 22, 2016
Production by Justin Spaulding
Featuring Vocals by Elizabeth Shanahan


I've tried to play nice with the demons in my head.

The clock ticks, another hour passed.
I'm still trapped in this bed.

How can I sacrifice to move my life along…

When all that I seem to have
Is what hasn't come and gone?

I am the reminder of the pain.

Through my torment I will show a way to augment hope .
The sound to break the bounds-- From harmony to discord.

You've locked yourself in your dismay…Hiding away.
When you're only hanging on by a thread.
I know it's hard to carry on…Keeping composure for too long.
The light gets harder just to see
Just stay here with me.

I guess the cliche lines, repeated rhymes, just couldn't keep up time with our unstable minds.

Because we search for something more-- Search for comfort from the storm.
Have we been damned since the day we were born?
Or chastised, broken just to fit a form?

There's always a light… Even if it's just out of sight.

I know it's harder just to breathe; you've become your worst enemy.

Please don't let go.