1. Maelstrom
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Cast away
As the water crashes over me
I start to see
That the tides are against me
Lost at sea
Nothing to guide me

Losing hope
That I’ll ever see the sunrise
Surrounded by violent waves
That challenge me
Drag me to the depths
Taking all that i have left

The skylines darker than I’ve ever seen
The ocean is calling out to me

Sinking slowly
Losing ground
Lost the light I’m broken
Monsters wait for me below
The ocean floor will be my home

I can’t stop the current as it’s pulling me in
My vessels decaying as it twists in the wind
They’re pulling me under with the weight of my sins
Lost and abandoned in hopelessness

Grin and bear your teeth
What more can you do to me a

You were the lifeboat that kept me afloat
Now you’re the anchor wrapped around my throat.