1. Adrift

From The Recordings Html

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Feels like I'm lost
not to be found
Strings on my heart
They pull me down

You left me here
trembling with fear
said i'd be fine
but it's too much to bare

I'm on my own now, on my own

I walk a beaten path
Stumbling in the dark
Trying to retrace all my steps
Back to the start
I’ve learned to paint a smile
That I can’t wash away
Lost within the static
And all that’s left is

Scattered thoughts in melodies
Keeping memories left unseen
Broken hearts with broken dreams
Find their way right back to me

Every time I take a step
I leave behind a common thread
To weave and sow into my bones
Carving names inside my head
Those who have left
Those who have loved
Those who now hate what I’ve become
I’ll stay my course
I won’t pray for love
All my veins pump bitter blood

Through the looking glass you’d see
There’s no place for someone like me